4 Smallest Under Cabinet Mounted Microwave

4 Smallest Under Cabinet Mounted Microwave

Ever since I started furnishing my new apartment, I have been going DIY and minimalist. I have furnished my house in the chicest yet minimalist way possible.

When I got to furnishing my kitchen, I was looking for ways to save my kitchen counter space, because unlike regular kitchen counters, my kitchen counter is for sitting and having coffee or lunch or dinner.

I had tried wall-mounted shelves, wall-mounted RO System, and wall-mounted utensil cabinets. But my microwave. It was taking so much space on my kitchen counter, leaving very little for my dinner and me. I thought of putting it in my bedroom, but that will be gifting my mom content for her speech – “Get your house sorted & your life- version 2020.”

So, I tried wall mounting my microwave. Make it my under-cabinet microwave. It was this old box that heated to whatever extent my lasagna on its own will. It was like my dad’s old scooter. Kicking it always helped to make it start.

The Smallest Under Cabinet Microwave


Comfee has brought to you a stylish, compact multi-facilitated microwave oven made of stainless steel and a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet, 700 watts, and 11 different power functions. It has a Mute function, settings, a clock, a kitchen timer, a child safety lock, and several easy autos cooks function like Popcorn, Potato, Pizza, Frozen Veggie, Beverage, and Reheat.

It also has a “One Touch Express Cooking” option with 1-6 minutes and +30 seconds functions and two defrost settings (according to weight or time). It has an “Energy Saving Eco Mode,” which minimizes 50% standby power by turning on the Eco Mode.

The microwave also has a bright digital display so that you do not have to switch on the lights when you want to heat that pasta in the middle of the night. It has an easy-to-read panel, interior lighting, and it comes with a 12.4 inches glass turntable and a One-year warranty. You have a choice of two colors in Comfee – Black and Pearl White.

COMFEE’ Retro Countertop Microwave Oven

Comfee retro cream microwave is very compact. Its cute retro design can fit anywhere, in your kitchen, in your dorm, apartment kitchen, cabinets, offices, or an outdoor garden countertop. It boasts of 700 watts. The microwave comes with a 10-inch turntable that can be turned 360 degrees so that you can take the mug or the dish out of the microwave without getting hurt.

You can switch off or switch on the sound of the microwave and not get caught by your mom every time you want a hot snack during the all-nighters, just because of that annoying beeping sound it makes when it is finished cooking or heating. Just press the sound on/off button for 3-5 seconds, and you are good to go!

The Child Safety Lock feature added in this microwave protects your children from microwave oven damage or your younger sibling stealing your snacks! It is so easy to learn how. The Eco Mode saves your power when the microwave is not working. Other features include 9 Auto Preset cooking, a large LED digital display, and an easy-to-read control panel and interior light.

This countertop microwave comes with a simple logo keypad design and a user manual, which is very easy to use for all- children, adults, elderly alike.

Includes one year of limited warranty. It comes in three colors – Pastel Green, Cream, and Passionate Red

Sharp R-1214

The Sharp R1214T Over-The-Counter Microwave Oven is a capacity of 1.5 Cubic Feet, with 1100-watt power, made with stainless steel and featuring Smart and Easy sensor technology for cooking or reheating your midnight feast.

The “Over the counter” is the smart kitchen design solution that saves you counter space. The microwave no longer requires a built-in kit or a shelf and is very easy to install. It comes with under the cabinet task lighting as well.

Now is the time to suit up your kitchen with Sharp’s new Over the Counter Microwave Oven, the savior of counter space!

Sharp’s Over the Counter Microwave includes the following features

  • Smart and Easy Sensor settings for 11 popular microwave foods. No timers or power levels for you to fiddle with. Let the overtake charge.
  • Auto Touch control panel located under the oven door for selecting features, power levels, and time.
  • An interactive cooking system with help in three languages – French, English, and Spanish.
  • Includes the Defrost feature, which can automatically set the defrosting times and power levels for meat and poultry, and frozen vegetables by weight.
  • Minute Plus feature gives users one minute of high cooking at a touch.
  • Keep Warm Plus feature allows you to keep hot foods hot up to 30 minutes after you are done with the cooking.
  • Popcorn Sensor pops popcorn automatically at a touch.
  • Hot Water heats one to six cups of Water for further usage.
  • It has Instant action keys that save time and make microwaving so much easier as if it were not already. One-touch for each serving – up to eight. The oven starts automatically.


The Black + Decker EM720CB7 Digital Microwave Oven comes with pre-programmed popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverages, and dinner plates.

It is 700 Watts with a capacity of 0.7 Cubic Feet with ten different power settings, clock and kitchen timer, 30 Seconds Express Cooking, and a removable 10-degree turntable for damage-free cooking.

Adding to that, it is highly user friendly. It has a large LED display, an easy to read control panel, child safety lock, push-button door release for easy access, and interior lights.

You have a choice between two of these variants, according to the capacity you require- 0.7 Cu. Ft, and 0.9 Cu. Ft.

How to Install an Under-Cabinet Microwave

Step 1: I picked a location under a kitchen cabinet where I wanted to mount the microwave. The cabinet had a wall space underneath it because the microwave needs to be mounted against a wall.

Step 2:  I then placed a stud finder against the wall I chose and turned on the device. I slid the stud finder along the wall until the device’s light flashed (you might also hear a beep), which indicates a wall stud is at the spot.

I marked all the spots with a pencil. For all of those wondering what a stud finder is – it is a handheld device used with wood buildings to locate framing studs behind the final walling surface, usually drywall.

Step 3: Then, I attached a 2-by-4-inch wood board to the cabinet’s bottom using 4-inch-long wood screws. I did it to provide support and stability to the microwave.

Step 4: I set the mounting plate of the microwave against the wall, under the two 4-inch board. I then aligned the plate’s holes with the marks I had made on the wall in Step 2. Next, I sunk the screws (it came with the microwave mounting kit, where you will also find the mounting plate) through the plate’s holes and into the wall studs.

Step 5: There were 4 L-shaped brackets in the mounting kit. I attached 2 of those to the bottom of the mounting plate by screwing them into the wall holes. I attached the other two brackets to the top of the plate the same way.

Step 6: Afterwards, I positioned the microwave against the mounting plate and centered the microwave between the lower brackets, the upper brackets, and the wood board. Then I inserted the wood screws through the bottom of the cabinet and into the wood board.

It will provide enough support to hold the microwave in place. Just make sure the wood sits flush against the top of the over. 

While trying to mount it and make it my new under cabinet microwave, I dropped it on the floor for the tenth time since I had it (yes, I count) and broke it this time for good.

Now I had a good reason to go online and search for some new age, small under cabinet microwaves for my little kitchen. So, I logged in on and started surfing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wall Any Microwave?

Yes, you can mount any microwave oven, even if it has a countertop design. When you are shopping for a microwave, you can have a mountable or a countertop model. Still, it is possible to turn a countertop model into a mountable model using a microwave oven mounting kit.

Are All Microwave Mounts Universal?

No, all mounting kits are not the same. The manufacturer of the model specially designs them. Mounting kits are provided when you purchase the above range microwave, or you can purchase one separately.

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