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Approximate Cost to Convert Tub to Walk in Shower

Convert Tub into Walk in Shower

Walk-in shower is modern, decent, and provides a crisp and clean look to your bathroom compared to a tub. A Walk-in shower makes your bathroom feel advanced and more extensive than before.

The walk-in showers use around 17 gallons of water in one bath, whereas an average tub holds 50 gallons of expensively heated water. You can save both water and energy in the walk-in shower. If you want to know the approximate tub to shower conversion cost, then you are at the right place.

Walk-in showers expand your bathroom space, which helps older adults to take a shower more easily. It also solves the problem of getting in us out of a traditional bathtub. You can also customize the walk-in shower according to your needs.

The tub to shower conversion cost depends on many factors. In this post, we will talk about all those factors to know the actual tub to shower conversion cost.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Converting Tub to Walk in Shower

Check the below things during the demolition of the tub to save some extra bucks.

  • The existing pipe condition and replace them if necessary.
  • Check the framing and subfloor and repair it if needed.

Lastly, check the shower valve. You can upgrade to a single handle valve that controls the temperature and volume of the water.

The Average Tub to Shower Conversion Cost

Replace Tub with a Shower

The complete tub to shower conversion cost range between $1950 and $7500, with an average cost of $3150. You can find a variety of ranges in the walk-in shower. You have two choices in it – either install a readymade shower or create a customizable bathroom with all the custom marble tile, showerheads, and other required features.

With all the easy things, a walk-in shower can cost more than $10,000 or higher depending on the quality of materials and things you want. However, a readymade walk-in shower costs you less compared to a custom design. Apart from this, new plumbing will also cost you more.

Now let us talk about the factors which determine the overall tub to shower conversion cost.

Factors That Decide the Tub to Shower Conversion Cost


People change their tub with a walk-in shower because it is more like a desire and less like a requirement. There are a variety of walk-in shower styles available in the market, and every style is unique on its own. You can use style according to your choice and preferences.

  • Curb less (Walk-In) Shower: Between $2500 to $4500
  • Tiled Shower with Curbs: Between $1500 to $3500
  • Readymade Shower Stall Kit: Between $1500
  • Custom Made: Upton $7500

It is totally up to you which one you like the most. You can select any of them as per your budget.

DIY vs. Hire a Professional

People love to do things of their own. You can convert your tub to a walk-in shower by doing the installation on your own and save some money. The installation is complicated, and you will not get a professional finish if you do it yourself.

Any little mistake can cost you extra dollars. So, if you want a professional-looking and modern walk-in shower, then we advise you to hire a professional. However, it may cost $1000 or more, but you will get the desired look and design.

Plumbing Costs

If you use the existing pipe, then you can save money, but there are very high chances that you will change the layout of your bathroom. Moving fixtures and pipes can cost you between $1800 to $3400 to install a new shower in your desired location. A professional plumber will cost you between $50 to $90 per hour, depending on your location. If you live in a metro city, then the plumber will cost more.

Electric or Steam Shower Cost

If budget is not an issue, then you can add some extra features in your walk-in shower to maximize luxury, pleasure, and satisfaction. Now ask yourself what you want an electric shower or steam shower. An electric shower heads the water instantly when turned on, whereas a steam shower takes some time to heat the water.

It will cost around $1000 for an electrician and a plumber to install the electric shower. You can go with a steam shower too where you do not need to pay for an electrician because it works on LPG. However, you can expect a cost between $3000 to $6000 for both electrical and steam shower and added accessories.

Tile Costs

High quality and beautiful tile can improve the view and look of your walk-in shower. There is a variety of tile materials available in the market for your walk-in shower. A simple white ceramic type can cost you $1 to $3 per square foot, whereas a high-end tile can cost you $35 to $50 per square foot.

However, the price of tiles can change depends on the design and quality of the material. Overall a high-end tile total cost between $2000 to $4000 and a simple white ceramic type costs between $1500 to $2500.

Painting Costs

The painting costs depend on paint quality. It is necessary to select Water-resistant paint for any type of bathroom because water-resistant paint specially designed for the place which is prone to moisture. The typical cost of painting the wall is $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot, which means you must spend at least $250 to $650 to repaint the bathroom altogether.

While repainting the bathroom, make sure to avoid plumbing and electrical issue. So, make sure to hire a professional rather than doing it yourself.

Types of Glass Shower Enclosures

Convert Tub to Walk in Shower

If you are going to renovate your shower, then choosing a material is the most challenging task. There are many types of materials and hardware in the market—all these materials and hardware available in the market with different price rates. You must decide which type of material and elements you want to use in the bathroom.

Glass Shower Enclosures not only include glass. It involves various components that attach the glass to the surrounding and your ceiling. For protecting the wall, we use various tile materials such as granite, marble, and stone. They can create a fantastic visual impact in your bathrooms. However, it will be a little bit expensive for your wallet.

You can also go with a round glass enclosure. These glasses come pre-made and require very less construction work. Usually, round shower costs start from $500 for a frame/glass and shower base kit. It can go as high as $1800+ if your luxurious opt-in products.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a walk-in shower cost?

A tub to shower conversion cost range between $1950 and $7500 with an average cost of $3150. However, it can vary depending on your preference and material selection. The budget can go high if you add luxury items in your shower, and you can save money if you go with traditional budget-friendly materials.

Should I replace the tub with a walk-in shower?

If there is a tub in your house, then you can get the same walk-in shower feel by replacing it with a shower-only unit. This will save your hard-earned money, and you will get the walk-in shower feel too. However, if budget is not an issue for you, then you can design it according to your requirements.

Does replacing a bath with a shower devalue the house?

Replacing a bath with a shower only is not a good idea. However, if you have more than one bathroom, then replacing a single bath should not be a problem and will not devalue the house.

What is the right size for a walk-in shower?

The ideal size of a walk-in shower is 36 X 36 inches, which also includes a bench attached to one wall for sitting.

Does a walk-in shower add value?

Yes, removing a tub and installing a well-designed walk-in shower will increase the value of your house. However, families with small kids want at least one bathtub, and if you changed that with talk in the shower, then it may not add value to your house.

Does a walk-in shower count as a full bath?

A full bathroom contains four significant parts, a sink, a bathtub, a shower, and a toilet. If you have less than that, then it will not count as a full bath.

A bathroom with a toilet, a shower, and a sink is called a three-quarter bath. A bathroom with only a toilet and sink is called a half bath.

Does removing the master bathtub hurt resale?

In our research, we found that if you have a bathtub in your house, changing one bathtub with a walk-in shower will not decrease the resale value.


So it was the post about tub to walk in shower cost. We have given you an overall cost you need to pay for a walk-in shower conversion. We also covered what you need to change for converting a bathtub into a walk-in shower. Apart from this, if we missed something or you have any queries or suggestions leave a comment below, we will be happy to help you as soon as possible.

Meta Description: A average tub to shower conversion cost range between $1950 and $7500 with an average cost of $3150. It can go high or low, depending on your material selection and product quality.

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