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Best Sink Trough W/2 Faucets in Master Bedroom

Best Sink Trough W2 Faucets

Hey there, reader! I hope you are waiting for a second, look at your hands! Are you seriously going to roam around with those dirty hands?!

Eww, Dirty Hands! Wash Them First Before Reading This

Alright! Now that you have washed them correctly, we can move forward with the topic.

With the Corona pandemic taking over the world, maintain hygiene has become as important as getting vaccinated. Keeping hands and bodies clean is the only vaccine available until now. This demand makes all the cleansing tools an essential part of our life. The most basic one is a bathroom sink.

Bathroom sinks have been around ever since people started living in a house. People needed some source of water where they can clean their hands or other objects. The sinks, although solved this problem but had some mini issues attached to them.

One such common problem with a sink in a regular house was that during peak hours of its use, i.e., around the lunch and dinner timings, the whole family would rush to the bathroom for washing hands. Families with multiple bathrooms did not have this problem, but the new houses with smaller spaces available to occupy a washroom, this problem was quite common.

Designers came up with a straightforward yet aesthetic solution to this problem by setting up a sink trough with more than two faucets. This trough sink was more extensive than a single basin but smaller than two and fulfilled the criteria of two users of a sink at a single time!

What Is A Sink Trough?

A sink trough is any sink with a long rectangular sink. The trough sink is most used in areas where the users of the sink are more than one so that the large size of the sink can accommodate more users.

For example, the shared washroom of a house where two people might need to wash their hands at the same time or maybe a busy restaurant which might have the famous Undermount trough bathroom sink with two faucets or even more than that. The presence of more than one faucet helps in accommodating more than one person in the bathroom for washing purposes.

One characteristic feature of a trough sink is that the sink is made of the same material as the countertop or the bathroom vanity. This gives the sink an appearance that the sink has been dug out of the stone. This seamless look of the sink can be achieved easily through various processes.

The History of Sinks

Sinks were initially just a vessel with a wide opening, which would be filled with water. The user would then use the water just like they would use it from a pond or a river. The traces of people using the sink can be found in Greek paintings.

The concept of a dry sink was introduced further, which kept evolving from 1820 to 1900 with the addition of cabinets, splashboards, napkin holders, mirrors, etc., and thus, the modern-day sink was developed.

Some Popular Sink Trough Materials

Trough sinks are being made with a wide variety of materials ranging from natural stones to engineered stones and some types of metals that give the sink a rustic look.

Some of the famous materials commonly used are:

  • Quartz
  • Copper with oxidation free coating
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Aluminum

There are many more options available for experimenting, which the users can choose from. One can also choose to install either an overmount or an Undermount trough bathroom sink with two faucets or more than that.

The materials should be chosen, keeping some factors in mind such as how the hole will be drilled and would the water cause corrosion, etc. it is best to take services from a professional who has ample knowledge about the hardware and its functioning.

Benefits of Installing A Trough Sink

Apart from the fact that a trough sinks can accommodate more than one user at a time, it also has other benefits, like it can be easily customized to any size you want and which would look perfect in your bathroom.

This ability to customize the sink makes it an excellent solution for disabled users as the sink can be lowered down and widened. Yet another benefit of the trough sink is that they are more in-depth than a standard sink, which reduces any chances of water spilling over the countertop and thus avoiding a mess over it.

One great advantage of a trough sink is the ease of plumbing in it. The trough sink also needs just one single drainage pipe for the whole unit, which occupies less space as compared to the usual sink.

The trough sinks also take up lesser space than the conventional sinks, which is quite evident as they integrate two sinks in one. The seamless trough sinks which are Undermount in the cabin are also easy to clean as they have no crevices and seams and thus no place for dirt or bacteria to fill in.

The trough sink also requires just one p-trap as compared to the conventional double sinks, and the basin angles of the design of the sink provide more storage below the sink

Gaining Popularity

Ever since the beginning of modernism in architecture, the sink trough has gained immense popularity among both residential users and commercial users.

The sink trough has become the number one choice for showcasing a luxurious appearance in the master bedroom, guest bedroom, and even powder room.

One specific popular design is the one with Undermount trough bathroom sink with two faucets on it.

Some Popular Brands to Choose From

With the increasing trend and demand of this sink category, many companies are offering these trough sinks as a part of their hardware range of products.

Also, the spectrum of varieties available is so broad that one can easily find the perfect one for themselves. Some popular brands which you can consider for buying are-

1. Kohler

Kohler Sink

Kohler Company is a very famous brand in bathroom fittings and other household hardware fittings. The company has been in the market for as long as around 150 years. John Michael Kohler founded the company in 1873. It is an American-based company but has its reach in all the leading countries of the world.

Although Kohler co. is best known for its range of plumbing products, the company also has a presence in other products like furniture, tiles, generators, cabinet structures, engines, etc. apart from this, destination Kohler also owns various hospitality establishments in the United States.

Some famous range of trough sinks available in this brand is The Brockway series, The Memoirs series, and The Iron Plains series. The company assures satisfactory quality and services to its users, and one can surely go with this option.

2. Duravit


Duravit AG is yet another famous international brand based in Germany, which one can consider for buying a trough the sink. The company was found in 1817 in Hornberger, Germany. The company initially did not manufacture sanitary fixtures but manufactured porcelain bathroom fittings.

The company then further started manufacturing the bathroom fittings like sinks, toilets, urinals, faucets, etc. later. In 1980, the company further expanded its range of products and started selling the accessories as well.

The company offers a good range of sinks, including the option to assemble an Undermount trough bathroom sink with two faucets and many more to choose from.

3. Kraus


Kraus is a comparatively new name in the market of bathroom fittings and has gained popularity due to its wide range of affordable kitchen and bathroom fittings collection. The company was started in 2007 in the heart of The Big Apple, yes, the New York City.

Kraus is a new yet promising brand that keeps challenging itself to provide fresh designs with high quality to its customers.

The range of Kraus sinks available with a unique code to identify them, among others. Some famous Kraus series of trough sinks are The Kraus KSU series, The Kraus KCR series, The Kraus KCV series, The Kraus KCU series, The Kraus GVR series, and so on.

4. Jaguar


The Jaguar is yet another company that is based in India and has gained immense popularity among the architects and engineers of Asian countries. The company specializes in faucets, showers, flushing, sanitary fittings, etc. the company also has set foot in various lighting products.

The company was established in 1960 and had its headquarters in Manesar, India. The company exports its products worldwide. Many sub-brands are available under the Jaguar, which serve different demands of the customers.

The Artize is a luxurious segment under Jaguar, which provides designer bathroom fittings. The company sells the other premium products by the name of Jaguar and dominates the Indian markets.

Did the Problem Sink or Sail?

The trough sinks with two faucets is hence an excellent solution for people dealing with lack of space and a greater number of users per washroom.

Apart from the general solution, these sinks are also a symbol of luxury and are used frequently by the architects and designers in their designs

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