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Costco Vinyl Planks Reviews – 2021

Vinyl Flooring

Costco is an American Multinational company that ranked top second in retailing after Walmart in the world. It is a membership-only warehouse market retail business that sells organic food, chicken, beef, household supplies, and departmental supplies.

They are continuing to lead the industry by increasing their revenue. As of 2017, they ranked 14 in overall American revenue, which is a great thing! But this guide is concerned only about one specific product and their reviews. To be precise Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring planks are popular among most of the American mid to high-end lifestyles. Costco is a place where you can purchase Golden Arowana vinyl flooring planks. They even sell it online on their official website. 

You can find these Golden Arowana vinyl planks lying on the timber section of Costco. They also offer installation, and you do not need to hire someone extra to do that job.

Vinyl planks resemble and replace hardwood planks and are used for flooring. You can find these planks in depots as strips, and there are varieties of styles and designs in these Vinyl planks.

Each style resembles wood. Vinyl planks are budget-friendly and easy to install when compared to their original wooden planks. People have started choosing these vinyl alternatives as the wooden planks grew expensive and hard to fix.

Golden Arowana

Costco Vinyl Planks

Golden Arowana is a provider of these Vinyl planks, and Costco is their trusted distributor. Costco hosts Golden Arowana vinyl planks in their depots and on their website. Costco is one of the leading retailers, so people believe the brands associated with them. 

Many purchase Golden Arowana vinyl planks as Costco hosts them. But Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews worldwide look negative to mixed as customers complain about various problems. Let us explore the features they provide before digging into the discussions.


Golden Arowana reviews do praise the product for the qualities those planks have regardless of the mixed reports.


These Vinyl planks are waterproof and will not quickly wear off by a harsh stream of waters. The coating applied to these planks is of multiple layers. There is an anti-slip vinyl backing, rigid core, and vinyl layer on top that shields off the water. This layer is durable and robust enough to prevent hard water stains too.


The maintenance of these vinyl planks is also easy compared to wooden planks. As these planks are waterproof, the cleaning becomes easy, and upkeep is no big deal than wood planks. All the Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews are all pro for the maintenance of these planks.


One thing that is great about these vinyl planks is their appeal. They look like wood and even better because they do not fade like wooden planks. Hardwood planks start to fade or corrode after a couple of years, but the Vinyl planks shine for a long time. 

They resemble wood not only in looks but also in texture. There are many styles and designs you can choose for your vinyl planks. You can choose numerous patterns, and if you do not like the wooden look, you can even select designs that look like ceramic tiles. You can also purchase planks that look like stones, tiles, wood, and even marble!


Costco Vinyl Plank

People prefer vinyl planks to wooden ones because of the look, maintenance, and the most primary reason is the cost. Vinyl planks cost less than half of what wooden planks cost. Even installing the vinyl planks is a lot easier task. 

The goal of their existence is to provide more affordable flooring solutions in the first place. And that aim is working fine because they are cheap and are leading the alternative flooring solutions industry.


Compared to ceramic tiles, vinyl planks provide more comfort while walking on them. It is a fact that ceramic tiles contain 55% warmth, whereas vinyl planks are 74% warm, 20% warmer than ceramic tiles. Vinyl tiles have padding on the surface, making them more comfortable than hard surfaces or wood or ceramic tiles.


There are many cons reported online in the Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews. The negative reviews they receive have made their credibility somewhat mixed. It is not the company to blame entirely, but the vinyl alternatives that are to blame.


The most significant advantage of vinyl planks is also a disadvantage. The smooth surface of these planks makes it almost zero friction. If you are to use skateboards or wheelchairs, you will find yourself hard to stop because you will float too! 

The smooth floating surface makes sure that you do not halt quickly. It is tough even to break those wheels. It can also get a lot slippery when there is water on the surface. Wooden and ceramic tiles somewhat absorb the water, but these planks keep them puddling.


Yes, they shine for more extended periods compared to wood and ceramic tiles. They are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and even damage resistant but not heat resilient! Long exposures to the sun may fade the shine away.

The part near the windows or balconies fades and forms a contrast to other planks around the room. This fading will begin to look ugly when the period of exposure increases.

Health risks

Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews stated that cheaper flooring planks are a health risk. These cheaper planks may release dangerous toxic components called Volatile organic compounds or simple VOCs. 

These gasses release because of extreme vapor, and they are harmful. It does not create new problems, but if you have allergies or already existing breathing problems, this will add to your health concerns.

Wear Off

These planks seem to wear off quickly after a couple of years. Hard rubbing and hammering might result in breaking or lifting these planks off. Even accidental heavyweight drops can cause damage to the planks. No matter how wood-like they look, they are not wood, and they cannot take as much damage as the wood takes.


It seems that faulty installation or even a minor problem in installation may lead to permanent disturbance. These planks need proper cutting and placing, and if anything goes wrong with the process, the edges seem to come apart and start forming 1mm gaps, at least. 

As the days pass, people have noticed many more planks coming apart from different places across the floor. If your house hosts many people, pets, and children, then this is not the right solution for your floor. Because no matter how hard they try to make this material sound, vinyl is plastic!


Costco Vinyl Planks Review

Regardless of the mixed and negative reviews, people had no problems with vinyl flooring for more than five to seven years of usage. Vinyl flooring is an excellent alternative to wood and ceramics. By saying an acceptable ‘alternative,’ we are already inferring that it is not wood or ceramic. Expecting something not wood to be wood is unrealistic.

Each material has its qualities and cons at the same time. If cheaper and stylish flooring solutions are what you want, you should not stutter while purchasing blocks of vinyl flooring planks.

Golden Arowana has been good innovative flooring manufacturers. 

Their flooring solutions have created more durable planks than what we usually expect from these plastic tiles! The reason for the negative reviews they have secured is not lousy service or corrupt dealing. But it is because of the false expectation customers had on these vinyl planks. 

Before you buy these planks, you need to be firm in your decision. You need to understand that if you want ceramics qualities, you should have instead gone for ceramics. Their customer support, manufacturing, and installation of the product have no complaints and have been going steady for ages.

Final Words

As Golden Arowana vinyl flooring reviews all around the web state, they are an asset to have when it comes to cheaper flooring solutions. If you are a bit tight on budget and want something to patch on those empty floors, go for it! Costco is just one of the depots that deals with Golden Arowana vinyl planks. 

Costco also deals with many other luxury vinyl plank brands. But when you look up at their ratings of reviews, you can see that almost every vinyl flooring company is rated negative or have mixed opinions. 

The reviews do matter, but you need to know if these reviews come from people who think like you. The reasons for choosing vinyl flooring are, most obviously, the cost. If one can afford more, they would instead choose hardwood. But keeping the bad experiences in mind, making them a map to decide whether these vinyl planks are for you is the optimal solution.

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