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Ethan Allen or Pottery Barn? – Sofa Advice!

Ethan Allen Sofa

Choosing furniture for your living can be quite a daunting job. Our homes are the place where we take refuge from this stressful world. We try everything to make it look perfect and match our vibe, whether it is a sofa or a wall.

Furniture plays a vital role in deciding the vibe of our house. From knowing everything about Ethan Allen Sofas to top Pottery Barn sofa reviews. Here’s everything you need that will surely help you to choose wisely

Here is a comparison between Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn. Choose the best retailer brand according to your needs. This is a complete guide that will tell you everything starting from Pottery barn sofa reviews to a comparison of both companies in terms of Price, fabric swatches, customization options, scheduled deliveries, and other services provided by both companies.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn:

  • Pottery Barn is a trendy American upscale brand that gives other furniture brands such as Wayfair, IKEA, etc. a healthy competition
  • Pottery Barn offers a variety of Sofas in which are customizable in more than 100 fabrics as well as 20 leather options.

Ethan Allen:

  • Ethan Allen is a known American retailer brand. Ethan Allen launched its first furniture collection in the 1930s.
  • Ethan Allen’s sofa frames are made from kiln-dried wood, which provides excellent durability, and its leather upholstery pieces are tailored by hand. They offer several sofas starting from roll-arm traditional sofas to modern sofas with an enchanting vibe.

Ethan Allen

In this article, we will compare Ethan Allen Sofas with Pottery Barn Sofas on critical factors such as support, quality, customer support, durability, warranty, and other factors. Ethan Allan and Pottery Barn’s most designs feature sophisticated 1930s-inspired styling, which works with a variety of decorating styles. Both sofas have an excellently engineered frame.

The Key Differences Between Ethan Allen and Pottery Barn Sofas are

Debit Card, Credit Card and Other Digital Payments Support

Based on our research, it is evident that Ethan Allen supports more forms of digital payments such as debit cards and apple pay, which may not be accepted by Pottery Barn. So if you are looking to pay for your Sofa using these money-backs, you should choose Ethan Allen.

Coupons and Discounts

If you have a limited budget and want a bag, a big discount, then the Pottery barn is the Right choice. According to Pottery Barn reviews, it offers plenty of coupons on its official page.

Pottery Barn also offers some other great discounts such as military and student discounts, which may not be offered by Ethan Allen. But one significant factor is that birthday discounts are offered by both of these companies.

Guarantee and Return Policy

Pottery Barn offers a money-back guarantee at the time of purchase along with free shipping to the customers but does not have customer-friendly return policies. At the same time, Ethan Allen provides a free return policy and has an excellent exchange policy.

Style and Customization

Ethan Allen’s sofa frames are kiln dried, and its joints are reinforced, which builds a strong and sturdy sofa that generally lasts longer than the Potter Barn equivalent. Ethan Allen allows more customization as compared to Pottery barn Sofas.

The Paloma Design Of Sofa Comes in 57 types of leather or 1207 fabrics, while Pottery Barn offers only four designs of leather cover for the same design of Manhattan Sofa. Ethan Allen also offers customization in wood finishes for feet of Sofa while there are limited options in the case of Pottery Barn reviews. Ethan Allen also provides you with the option of adding a contrasting welt along with nail-head trim.

Spring Unit

Ethan Allen’s spring unit consists of individual helical coils which are arranged in the form of grids, while Pottery Barn seats are incorporated with sinuous springs. Sinuous coils are long S-shaped coils that are placed in a front-to-back strip across the seating area of the Sofa.

From Pottery Barn Sofa reviews, helical coils of Ethan Allen Sofas are more comfortable as compared to Ethan Allen. Helical coils have the property of moving from front to back and side to side, which provides cushion and support when you sit.


Ethan Allen grades it Sofas in letters. A grade fabric will cost you the least. If you have a fixed budget, then you should check in this range. The Price Of sofas goes up incrementally as you towards upper grades in letters.

If you choose to go with the lowest grade fabric or leathers, then only you will get a Sofa for the marked Price. Otherwise, you can expect to pay more than double, even triple, if you go with their custom options. While the Price of Pottery Barn Sofas is generally fixed, and there is not much variation in Price irrespective of fabric and material you chose.

Delivery Time

Ethan Allen estimates the delivery of a custom-made Sofa at nine-weeks. Still, it will usually reach you in12 weeks, while, according to Pottery Barn Sofa reviews, it delivers Sofas in six to 10 weeks, but you can expect a slight delay.

Final Decision

According to our analysis, the Pottery barn sofa is the right choice for a customer who wants a stylish design at a moderate price. Ethan Allen Sofas are better suited for someone who is looking for a customized look and feel according to room design. Ethan Allen provides an excellent investment quality sofa, which is worth upholstering if the original cover wears out.

Here are Some Additional Vital Tips that Will Help you to Choose the Perfect Sofa

Stay with the Ambience

Before choosing furniture for the room, we should make sure what kind of ambiance we want for our room. Your living room should make you feel comfy while the bedroom should make you feel relaxed. By identifying the ambiance you expect from space, you can select the Sofa design that will help you get the feeling you are aiming for.

Playing with Colour

Colors have immense power of bringing a lot of charisma to space, whether it is creating a specific mood or more beautifying existing pieces of furniture. So the color of your Sofa will is a significant factor in deciding the overall ambiance of your drawing room.

Measure your Room Before Buying

No matter how flaunting the Sofa is, if it is cramped in a room, it will not be appealing. It would help if you did not focus more on seating capacity; instead, make sure people don’t bump into Sofa while walking in the room. Some other important factors should also be taken into consideration, such as seat depth, back height, and arm length of a sofa!

Good Construction is Important

The sofas which are made from Kiln dried woods like Oak, guarantee a sturdy structure. The Sofa is no doubt the most used furniture in the house. Always buy the most solid Sofa you can afford if you want it to last.

Know Your Stuffing

Sofas are generally made up of different kinds of materials ranging from polyurethane to high resiliency fillings. Polyurethane is a relatively low cost as compared to other kinds of fillings, but it usually flattens over the years.

High resiliency (HR) filling is much more challenging as compared to polyurethane, but wears much better and retains for years. You might little compromise with indulgence using HR, but in all over the aspect, it is better to choose.

Legs also Add an Element

Also, consider the look of the leg of sofas for more design elements. The legs play the leading role in holding up the sofa frame and are incorporated with protective feet to safeguard carpets and floors.

Some couches are also accompanied by a front apron panel that helps in hiding the frame. These make vacuum cleaning easy as they can be easily lifted. Legs are generally made of wood, so you can choose a finish that matches to your floors or other furnishings.

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