Here’s What You Should Do With Longaberger baskets

What should I do with Longaberger baskets?

We all have grown up, and we are growing more and more. Through our journey, we have come across a lot of things, a lot of happenings, and many more such things. Things change for everyone. For someone, it changes very quickly, while for someone, it takes a long journey before they begin to see changes in their life.

Adapting things according to the time is better for evolving. This is a fact, and this fact applies to everyone and everything. You may have come across a lot of companies, shops, or any store which was opened or working but after some time it just shuts down. There are a lot of big and famous manufacturers who have gained immense popularity and fame, but after some time they started losing their costumers, which decreased their profits.

This has led them to shut their manufacturing processes and must shift to something else. This was the case with the most significant handmade basket manufacturing company Longaberger. Longaberger was one of those companies which have gained so much popularity in no time.

People were crazy about their products, and some of their product was so precious that only a few people managed to buy those. If you are one of those people who still use or have Longaberger baskets, then this article will be going to help you. In this article, we will discuss what you can do with your Longaberger baskets. Let us start now.

A Brief Introduction to Longaberger and Its Unfortunate Closing

The idea of selling handmade baskets was started to run in Longaberger family way back in the 1900s. J.W. Longaberger was the apprentice at a basket factory situated in Ohio.

He then moved on with the idea of handmade baskets and started its own company after the company in which he was employed shuts down. The company did not make well and end up stopping its work.

Then in 1976, Dave Longaberger, son of J.W. Longaberger, raised their legacy and started manufacturing custom-made baskets. He did a great job, and from Ohio, he started its business, which got so famous that by the year 2000, a reputed and well-known empire of Longaberger was started spreading all around the United States.

They were so famous that they not only just manufacture baskets but also started manufacturing pottery, wrought iron, jewelry, woodcrafts, and other home decorating kinds of stuff. But things do not go better for them.

In the year 1999, Dave died, and his daughter, Tami Longaberger, stepped up and taken the responsibility to manage the well-known handmade basket manufacturing company Longaberger. Things were pretty good, but not for long. Till 2013, the revenue of the company dropped a lot with the drop in numbers of workers and shops.

This led to the selling of this company to another company named CVSL, Inc. Then, in the year 2015, Tami Longaberger resigned from the post of the chief executive officer (CEO), and this was the official end of a long legacy of making handmade baskets by the Longaberger.

What about their Products

Longaberger baskets

As the company shuts its production, the number of Longaberger baskets remained fix as no other baskets will be manufactured now, and what remains with the people will always going to stay with them.

Closing of the Longaberger opened the door for collectors who collect rare items, which will now become the collectors who buy Longaberger baskets. People started selling their Longaberger baskets at a very high price than the original ones, and some people were accepting this deal without hesitation.

The ongoing selling was understandable as there will be no Longaberger baskets ever, and the remaining ones should be stored so that in the future, they can send them at a very high cost.

But the situation is a bit different now as the scenario of that time is entirely different from the scenario of now. If you have a Longaberger basket or more than one, then you may have also come across the question of what you are going to do with it. But you do not have to worry as we are here to help you.

There are a few things you can do with your old Longaberger baskets. So, let us look at the options available for those who have Longaberger baskets but do not know what to do with them.

What one Can do with their Longaberger Baskets

First, we would like to suggest a few things. If you have an old Longaberger basket that is signed as well as got the stamp of Longaberger as well, then keep it with you for some years. Baskets of Longaberger, which have signature and stamps, have great value, and its value is only going to increase years after years.

Therefore, if you did not have any problems storing them, then keep it safe for the future. If it is not a significant one and you can keep them without any problem, them keep them as well. This will also add up some value but not as much as a signature and stamped one.

If you cannot keep them and it is just present in your closet for any reason, then you have two options. Either use it for another purpose or sell them.

Make it Usable Once Again

Longaberger baskets Centre

This is one of the great things to keep an old item valuable for we rather than throwing them. This is the best option for those who are fond of DIYs as they can use it excitingly and beautifully.

If you are a great DIY specialist or you can quickly restore them, then restoring Longaberger baskets for different purposes can be a great thing. You can use it to store different things, and the storage units will depend on the location you want to keep your Longaberger baskets. To make it more like the environment, it will be kept in the future, and you can color it or can design it accordingly.

You can use it in your bathroom to store bathing products, and you can use it for your kids to store their stuff in it or for your kids who love to paint. You can put painting stuff like colors, sketches, books, etc. in your Longaberger baskets. This will not only minimize the storage area, but it will also make. It is beautiful and classy as well.

You can also use it to hang around your houses as decorative equipment filled with some flowers, beads, or any other suitable ornaments.

Sell It and Earn

This could be the most opted choice as money is the thing which we all require and if through something we can earn money, especially when that thing is not more usable for us could be the best choice. But this could be a bit hard for you.

The collectors who buy Longaberger baskets could be hard to find, and if somehow you managed to find one, then you may not get the desired amount as well. Therefore, it is not a quick solution and going to take a lot of time and effort of yours.

The money you will get on selling your Longaberger baskets depends on the quantity and quality.

If you want to sell a collection, then it is tough to find a collector who buys Longaberger baskets. If you have only a few baskets, then you can sell it quickly. But the effort is what it will take to sell your Longaberger baskets in an acceptable amount.

You can sell your Longaberger baskets to the dealers, collectors, shop owners who still buy those Longaberger baskets, which is very rare to find, auction, or online. Selling to a collector is the best option as you will get enough of your Longaberger baskets, and collectors who buy Longaberger baskets are in demand nowadays.

Dealers will not give you the amount you will ask, and you may end up selling at a meager price. Shop owners could be a good option but finding a shop will be a difficult task.

You can also keep it in the auction, which is a great thing to sell something antique or unique to a very high cost but, you must pay some percentage to the auctioneer as well. Selling online is the best natural method of well. You will have a lot of people who are interested in your Longaberger baskets. Therefore, it could be an excellent option for you.

We will suggest you sell your Longaberger baskets only if you require some money otherwise keep. It is safe as it will gain its value over time. This way, your Longaberger baskets will become more antique, and this is going to increase its selling cost to a great extent.

If your Longaberger baskets remain the only existing baskets, then it will be bingo for you! Therefore, sell it only if it is necessary otherwise keep it safely.


At last, we are going to conclude our whole discussion to a few points. First, a Longaberger basket is more valuable if it has an official signature and official stamp as well.

There are a lot of ordinary Longaberger baskets as well, which is not a great Longaberger basket one will buy. Therefore, to those who have these signature Longaberger baskets will not be able to impress collectors who buy Longaberger baskets.

The second thing is that it matters a lot if you have a whole set of Longaberger baskets or just a few pieces of them. Selling a whole set could be a tough task but selling a few pieces will be easy for you.

Third, things are the authenticity and conditions of your Longaberger baskets. Collectors who buy Longaberger baskets prefer to buy authentic and well-maintained baskets.

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