How to Program Sears Craftsman Garage Door Remote

Program Sears Craftsman Garage Door Remote

Garage door openers come with a motor unit and remotes. This motor unit is placed on the wall at the door of your garage. Openers control the opening and closing of the garage doors. 

You can do this manually with the help of hand-held wireless remotes. All you need to do is set a code and make the remote learn it. But how to program this old craftsman garage opener remote?

Setting Up

After purchasing a wireless garage door opener set and looking at all its components and remotes, you will soon understand that you should program the remotes yourself. 

The manual might tell you how easy it is, but the steps might not be exact, and you are just left confused and do not know what to do. 

If you have a professional fitting them up, you do not have a problem. But if you do not, you must be the one who programs them to function.

Setting the Key

Garage Door Remote

After setting the system up, the very next thing is programming the transmitter system. You need to use the opener dial and type a 4-digit key you want to use as a lock for your garage door. After entering the code, you need to turn the remote on and hold the smart/learn button, reading the transmitting signal from the remote.

Programming the Remote

To put it merely, press and hold the ‘smart’ button on the motor unit till the smart indicator-light starts glowing and blinking. It usually takes 30 seconds for the blink to start. Meanwhile, it would help if you also held the button on the hand-held remote. 

Release both buttons at a time as soon as the light starts blinking. The remote has learned the code and will transmit the code next time as soon as you click the button using different ways it is programmed to send.

Understanding the Process

What we have seen is a physical process that involves typing code and holding buttons. But are you curious to know what is involved technically in the process we just did? Understanding the technicalities will make you remember how to program these old craftsman garage door openers next or elsewhere. 

A garage door opener is a lock system that keeps your door locked. The motor-unit fixed on to the wall acts as a guard. You need to enter the code into the pad for the door to open. But as things got wireless, the keypads and dialing the numbers are old news now. The hand-held remote sends the code directly to the motor-unit allowing it to read the code and check if it is right.

Not going too deep into the technicalities, but all you need to know is that these devices communicate with each other using signals. When programmed by holding the smart button, the hand-held remote converted the four-digit code you have entered an impulse of a signal. This signal is sent to the hand-held remote when you hold its button too. By this holding of buttons, you have enabled them to communicate with each other. 

The unit had sent the 4-digit code to the remote, and whenever you press the open button on your hand-held remote, it will send this encrypted signal to the motor-unit, and the unit reads if the code matches with the code you have given to it. 

This is the primary entering key in the keypad version, just upgraded to wireless, making things easy. Instead of getting down and entering the code, you are just sending the code sitting in the car.

These remotes have different functions depending upon the way they send these signals. There are a few different ways used to transmit codes. As technology advances, there are more new ways and new systems to open garage doors. But these advances come with problems, and sometimes these problems are so annoying. 

There is this strange case of having a spare remote! It makes it hard to use just because they are two and function differently. Either one needs to purchase similar functioning remotes or buy one. If the company gives two different remotes, they should look at how they are confusing their customers by letting out two different functionalities.

The Curious Case of Different Codes

Garage Door Opener

Usually, the Sears craftsman garage door opener comes with two remotes. These remotes transmit code through the opener, which then opens the door. The other remote is a spare one, and you do not need to use both at a time. If you try to do so, you might encounter a programming error. You can find one small working fine, but the other is going nuts over different figures. 

You can reprogram your remotes using simple hardware techniques. But to do that, you should know what the problem is and why it is not working like it used to do. You must be wondering just how to program old craftsman garage doors? 

On the verge of wonder, we likely forget to diagnose the actual problem and drift away in worry. But there is no need to worry anymore as there are solutions and tips in the hand tips!

Two Remotes, Two Functions

This case of odd numbers and programming error happens because you cannot just program two remotes to the opener simultaneously. You can only use one, and this is because of the different program set-up in both remotes. There are many ways of transmitting the code, and the two remotes do it differently. 

Old garage openers used to transmit code using something called the billion code, which sends 3.5 billion unique codes, preventing trespassers and burglars. But this is old news, as we have much more advanced technology that works as elegant as the billion code transmitters. Modern remotes use rolling code. That is a code transmitted to the opener as a signal, and eavesdroppers cannot replay that. 

One of your remotes looks weird and acts differently. You might figure out eventually that it needs reprogramming to make it work like the other remote. But in fact, it is working, and you do not even know it is! The company gives you two remotes with two different kinds of functions. One uses a billion code to communicate with the garage door opener, and the other uses a rolling code. 

This is precisely the problem you are facing, the case of different functions. You can program only one of those remotes to the opener. If the one with a rolling code is programmed to the opener, you cannot use the one with a billion code. This problem is most common and technically not even a problem, just a misinterpretation.


Craftsman Garage Door Remote

It will help if you start by wiping the memory of the garage door opener. They also wipe the memory of all the systems and remotes. Now you need to program the remote again. It would help if you chose which remote you want to use. The keypad or the opener unit should be programmed and after it is done, program your chosen remote to the opener.

If you want to program the second remote, you better do that after wiping the first remote memory. This way, it triggers no problems and programming errors, and this is how you program an old craftsman garage door opener.

Wrap Up

If you want to buy spare remotes for each one for your family members, it is suggested for you to understand that there are many ways that remote works. It is best advised to purchase remotes that function similarly.

If you are buying similar functioning remotes, you are killing a lot of confusion and making things easy for you and your family. You save yourselves, and your door opener a lot of resets and hand slaps!

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