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How to Remove Great Stuff from the Skin Effortlessly

Help, How Do I Get ‘Great Stuff’ Foam Off My Hands?

Is it that time of the year when you are planning to refurbish? A pile of construction projects to get done with? Well, then you might have thought of using products from the Great Stuff sealants. The Great Stuff spray foam is an excellent choice for any construction project because of its high R-value. The spray foams are composed of a polyurethane material, which makes these spray foams flammable starting from when it is released from the can to the time when it is in solid form after being dried up. Hence, care has to be taken while using the Great Stuff spray foam.

Now, the question is how to remove great stuff from the skin? Wearing gloves and applying a barrier cream on the skin before starting the work is always the smartest choice. But mishaps do happen! In case, if you have forgotten to use a pair of gloves before using the Great Stuff or the spray foam has accidentally been spilled onto the exposed areas even after wearing gloves. The stickiness of the material can give a worrisome headache.

The high R-value of the chemicals resembles the use of heavy glue in an expanded state as a significant component in the sprays. This super adhesive quality makes these foam sprays efficient to stick on to almost anything for a good long time. Now imagine the same if it unintentionally gets in contact with your clothes and, for a worse scenario, your skin! In that case, how to remove great stuff from the skin? However, if there is a problem, then there is a solution lined up.

It is wise to always research before working with harsh chemicals. Do contact a professional, if and whenever necessary, as to how to remove great stuff from the skin. Two scenarios you may experience while removing the Great Stuff from your skin:

  • Wet, uncured spray foam insulation
  • Dry, cured spray foam insulation

A few tips and tricks are jotted down on how to remove great stuff from the skin.

For Removing Wet and Uncured Spray From Insulation

Remove Great Stuff from the Skin Effortlessly

Before coming into the uninterrupted form, the spray foam takes time to fullycure’ and dry. Owing to the highly efficient Great Stuff foam sprays, the only downfall is its sticky and messy nature when it comes in contact with the skin.

Oils: Kerosene oil or gasoline can be used. Dab a piece of cloth or a rag in kerosene oil or gasoline and slightly rub over the affected, exposed skin where the spray foam is still wet.

Turpentine: The use of oil has also been considered as one of the efficient ways of figuring out how to remove great stuff from the skin. You can use a paper towel or a disposable cloth to apply the same on your skin to get rid of the tough yellow patches.

Acetone: There are volatile solvents like acetone, which are widely traced in the household as lacquer thinners or as nail polish removers. You can easily avail of acetone or nail polish removers from the nearest grocery stores. Acetone can dissolve the wet uncured spray foam very quickly. The melted spray foam then becomes easy to wipe away and clean from the skin.

Points to remember:

  • Do not wipe off the spray foam immediately from the skin, as this may worsen the situation.
  • Avoid moistening the uncured foam with the soap-water solution as water speeds up the curing process.
  • Acetone belongs to the ketone group, which removes the natural oils from your skin. It is essential to nourish the skin with moisturizers like hand lotions or lanolin or any oily substituent to replenish the oils in your skin. This small step protects your skin from further irritation and dry skin problems.
  • Do not forget to use proper ventilation while using acetone as the solvent, if used in larger quantities, has a strong odor.

All these ways are expected to work during an initial couple of minutes when the Great Stuff comes in contact with your skin, after which you are required to follow the next steps to know how to remove great stuff from the skin.

For Removing Dry and Cured Spray from Insulation

This part is a bit hard as acetone, oils, or turpentine do not come for rescue any longer as they did on the wet and uncured foam spray insulation.

Let dry, then pull off: One possible way to wear off these stubborn marks of Great Stuff from your skin is by letting the Great Stuff dry and then pulling it off your skin. In the process, you may also end up losing arm hairs, which can be painful (more painful than parlor waxing).

Soap solution: Make a solution of water and dish soap and dip a pair of gloves in it. Wash your hands with warm water first and dab dry. Then put on the soap solution dipped gloves and tape them around your wrists. Unwrap it after a few hours when the skin is softened enough to loosen the foam bond.

Also, you can try using Dapple dish soap, which is a natural plant-based product, then wipe off with a scrubby sponge to complete the process.

Cutting off: Scraping off the dried spray foam with a glazing bar or using a putty knife or a utility knife for the same purpose can help to make the process easy if used carefully without hurting yourself. Afterward, scrape the affected part of your skin with a paint scraper and 120 grit or 180 grit sandpaper.

Dry coffee grounds: Dry coffee grounds can also work as an excellent remedy as has been practically applied by many users. You can use oil to cover your hands first, then rub a tablespoon of coffee grounds in a ‘hand-washing motion is worth a try.

Exfoliating soaps: There are exfoliating soaps that are available in stores. These are soaps with sand-like exfoliating beads embedded on the soaps which scrub the dead skin off your skin along with the foam spray stuck on your skin.

Remove Great Stuff from the Skin

Petroleum jelly and lanolin: You can also use petroleum jelly or lanolin for the rescue mission. Just apply some petroleum jelly or lanolin on the skin where spray foam is still present and cover it with a cloth or plastic glove or even a plastic cling film, whichever is available, and then let the jelly absorb for an hour or two. Then wash the skin with warm water and soap.

Shaving off: Another way includes coating the petroleum jelly on the affected area of the skin and covering with plastic gloves for an hour or so. Then shave the same area with a 3-blade or 4-blade disposable razor and be careful about the amount of pressure to be applied while shaving. After achieving the maximum positive result, you can take off the rest by applying the pumice stone.

Applying heat: Another great way to get rid of the stubborn adhesive off your skin is to treat it like a super glue that can be flaked off after drying up completely. Heat can be used for the fast drying of the material. You can put the hair-dryer in use.

Pumice stone for finishing: For removing the last traces of dried foam on the skin, the good old pumice stone can sand down the spray foam by just rubbing it on your skin. You can also try soaking your hands in hot water for about half an hour and then using the pumice stone to remove the Great Stuff from your hands.

Moisturize well: Hydration is the key. The more you keep your skin moisturized with lotion or natural oils, the better chances to get rid of the stubborn spray foam off your skin over time. It gets a bit hard to completely wear off the spray foam from the fingernails, which also goes off by the same hydration process.

Give time till it is time: If all the methods fail, time is the best healing factor overall. When the foam is dried, it becomes harmless and fades away on its own in due course of time.

It takes great effort to complete a construction project and the products from the Great Stuff like the Construction Adhesive, Drywall Gasket, Foam Cleaner, Froth-Pak Insulation, Froth-Pak Sealant, Gaps & Cracks, etc., are the best deal to look up on to. Getting dirty and messy is included in the process and also well-predicted.

Even though there are no strict instructions in the multi-lingual Great Stuff instruction manual on how to remove great stuff from the skin, the stubborn yellow patches will keep reminding you of their presence. It is advised to put on the safety-kit like gloves and eye-glasses to skip the after-effects, but if forgotten, your wish to get rid of the stains is well taken care of by the tips and tricks on how to remove great stuff from the skin.

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