Hunter Douglas Worth the Price? Or Other Custom Shade Companies?

Hunter Douglas Worth the Price? Or Other Custom Shade Companies?

Hunter Douglas is a Dutch multinational company that manufactures window blinds and coverings. These blinds are either automatic or also manual. Their reputation precedes them, and they even have dedicated websites for each country.

They have proper establishments in different countries and even in India too. The establishment in each country functions as an individual unit devoted only to that specific country. A company as diverse as this has a lot of eyes upon them. Let us dive into Hunter Douglas’s reviews all around!

Why Prefer Hunter Douglas?

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is a standard company that has good deals offered with their blinds. One might think why to consider them rather than some other cheap custom blind company. Custom blinds are affordable and easy to install. But are they durable?

There are a lot of things you need to explore to judge a company. More than just judgment, you need assurance! Assurance that the company provides you with better service, products, and replacements. 

These are the things you need to keep in my mind when learning about a company. Their manufacturing standards, prices, functionality, services, and availability of spare parts, are enough for you to check if a company is worth it.

Brand Standards

It is no secret that brands have standards, quality tests, and checks to ensure their durable products. Cheap dealers look for reasons to cut the cost, and they are not to be blamed for that. 

Durability checks, quality assurance is not some of the things a cheap dealer wants. Affordable alternatives give you optimal solutions for your wallet. But if you are into getting quality and standard products that are durable, you better go for the brand that offers them!

Hunter Douglas blinds are undoubtedly expensive! But one of the Hunter Douglas reviews from a verified customer says that they offered him a complete replacement for free when the customer wanted to upgrade his blinds. 

They also give you a warranty that lasts for a long time, much more extended than cheaper alternatives. Various reviews are stating the same that Hunter Douglas offered many items and replacements for free.


Compared to local custom shade dealers, Hunter Douglas is expensive! But compared to other brand dealers, they are pretty much reasonable. Huge corporate giants who sell blinds and shades offer the same products almost double than what Hunter Douglas sells them.

These price differences are evident if you check their website and the sites of others! Considering the features and services they provide, even the expensive products they offer feel genuine!


Automatic blinds need a motor that opens and closes them. If you choose a cheap local dealer, their shades have faulty motors. These motors do not have assured quality as they manufacture them for a cheap budget! 

Because of the limited warranty, if these motors stopped working after a couple of months, you must pay the entire amount again to have a ‘cheap’ custom blind. And this double purchase does not look cheap at all! 

Hunter Douglas has tests and rechecks on their motors, and their warranty exists for a more extended period. Even if the warranty has expired, there are cases where Hunter Douglas offered free replacements if the fault of the motor is a fault in manufacturing. It is a recent addition that they provide a lifetime warranty.


Hunter Douglas provides you with their own remote, which is unique for their blind sonly. These blinds cannot function using a universal remote. The programming of these remotes to the shades is not a big deal.

Anyone who can operate a TV, DVD remotes has no problem working these remotes. These remotes need AAA-size batteries to work. Hunter Douglas reviews state that they provide spare remotes if you lost yours.


Let us get into why you should not prefer these blinds, according to the Hunter Douglas reviews on the internet. Hunter Douglas has a mixed opinion on the internet because of the expenses and service. 

The automatic blinds are not famous, and that is because most people prefer doing it manually. Many think that it is a waste of cost to buy a motor to do the job—many people reviewed by suggesting people do things manually instead of spending thousands.

These people belong to the age of 45 to 75. It is understood for them because they had to do everything manually. Automatic blinds are a good idea, but you need to check if you need that expense right now?

Customer Service

Hunter Douglas Shade

Hunter Douglas offers service for free because of the lifetime warranty. But the problem lies with their response and management system. They do talk and decently do the job. But it is hard to connect their lines. 

They need to make sure to increase the connections and executives that speak to their customers. Many had received excellent deals when connected to customer service operators, but many had failed to wait until the call got connected.

There were rare cases where customers felt disappointed by customer service. There were a few repair cases, and the customer call executives were not responding well because they wanted the customers to buy new blinds, but the customers chose repair instead.

There were also many other similar cases of Repair v/s Sales noticed and reported by the customers. The operators told them that they were doing the customers a favor by accepting a repair and repeatedly calling.


Many Hunter Douglas reviews on Amazon state that their automatic shades do not come with instructions. Or at least, their dealers did not provide them with the instructions. A company like Hunter Douglas would not leave their customers to figure things out. They do offer instructions and manuals. But it’s the dealers that mess things up. One needs to demand an instruction manual for their dealers.


Of course, the products are durable compared to third-party custom shade dealers, but not as durable as other high-end dealers. These blinds are right, but the motor gets faulty after a period.

Different kinds of faults start appearing after the first couple of years. The batteries don’t get the power, and the motor doesn’t start. Many similar functional problems occur after frequent usage.

Call Problems!

Customer service problems mentioned above are prevalent, but Hunter Douglas has another weird problem: rare and does not usually happen.

Hunter Douglas reviews state that when you connect to their customer representative for replacements and spare parts, they ask you to contact dealers.

And when you reach your dealer, they will assure you that it is not their concern and you should contact the company. This confusion points to lousy management.


Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas has sustained all the critical reviews and still manages to survive in multiple countries. This level of maintenance only points to good profits. Good profits do not occur in bad companies! Hence, it is safe to say that regardless of their reviews, they are a standard company.

Hunter Douglas reviews portray the company in a good picture, but this picture frame is old and rusty. Meaning, the company itself is a manufacturer of excellent and reasonable blinds, but the management system is shielded around is faulty.

After reading all the reviews and understanding how the company has evolved, it feels worth the price. The products are with massive price tags because it is not just the product but their rare and unique benefits that you are purchasing.

Once you buy a product with them, they add you to their vast international family members. They will serve you for a lifetime if you have their products in your house. The thing they have with their dealers should get better over time, but their care towards the benefits offer only prove their aim to make the right image. 

Keeping the dealer and service problems in mind, if you choose the right dealer with a good rating, you won’t have such issues. Finding a dealer with excellent ratings is difficult if the dealer does not belong to your area! You should either travel to the other region or make it an online purchase if the dealer in your area has negative feedback.

Final Words

Hunter Douglas, as a company is undoubtedly a trustworthy company that does not leave their customers alone without services. Their blinds are of different styles, and their automatic blinds are a worldwide hit.

As they are one of the leading companies that deal with automated motorized shades, you should not have a problem trusting their authenticity. What you must be skeptical about is the dealer’s authenticity.

Check if everything is included in the boxes by looking at the official website. Ask if the dealers help you with replacements and repairs, and if you are clear, do not hesitate to buy at hunter Douglas!

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