Lowes & Home Depot Carpet Installation Reviews

Lowes & Home Depot Carpet Installation

If you are looking for replacing the existing carpet or adding a new Carpet to a room, then Carpet from Lowes and home depot is the right choice. Both provide wonder service at affordable prices. However, if you are confused about choosing one of them, then we are here to help you. We checked both home depot and Lowes carpet installation reviews to find out which one is good for you.

Lowes Carpet Installation Reviews

Lowe’s carpet installation service provides you with trusted professional independent installers to your home. The process is straightforward and decent. Lowes measure the area where you want to install the carpet and gives you the estimated carpet installation price. The good thing is that you can check their carpet samples before going with any type of carpet. Lowes provides professional installation, and it will withstand your home’s daily routine. Not only this, if you have any type of question in your mind related to carpet installation, then Lowes answers all your queries with ease.

All the Lowes carpet installers are licensed, insured, and are thoroughly professional in their work. On the advanced side, lowed provides special financing services to fit your budget and your project. You can pay them in easy monthly installments, which makes it very affordable to many users. Also, Lowes carpet installation comes with a 1-year labor warranty it means if your carpet needs any labor service in 1 year, then you will get it for free.

How Lowes Carpet Installation Works

Home Depot Carpet Installation

Choose Carpet

Lowes has a variety of carpet samples at their website and your local Lowe’s store. You can select the best suitable choice for your home. Check all the samples to select the perfect carpet for you.

Schedule Measurement Appointment

After that, schedule the in-home measurement appointment from Lowes. After that, a professional independent installer will come to your house to measure your area and other flooring needs.

Get the Overall Price

After the measurement completion, Lowe’s will give you an overall cost to install carpet in your house. The Overall cost includes all the Carpet and labor charges, and you do not need to pay any extra amount than that. Lowe’s also has a financing option so that it can fit your budget. Apart from this, if you have any questions in your mind at that time, then you can ask Lowe’s without any issues.

It is Time to Install

Once you are satisfied with the pricing, get the installation done from Lowes. They will clean up the area and professionally install the carpet so that users can be 100% satisfied.

Home Depot Carpet Installation Reviews

Home depot is another carpet installation service provider that offers home carpeting at a reasonable price. Home depot carpet costs between $1 to $4 per square feet depending on your preferred style and construction. You can also add padding, which costs between $0.60 to $1 depending on thickness and density. On the right side, Home depot carpet installation is free of cost when you buy carpet from them.

Home depot offers carpet for bedroom/hallway, office/family room, basement, and stairs. From texture carpet, pattern carpet, Berber carpet to carpet tile, you can select a wide range of carpet variety from home depot. They also offer in grays, beige, and whites colors in their carpet that give you a choice to renovate your house with your suitable design and style altogether.

How to Install Carpets

Carpet Installation

People love to do DIY projects. If you are a DIY lover, then you may have a question in your mind about How to install carpets? To make the process easy for you, you need some specialized tools. The good thing is that you do not need to buy those specialized tools; you can rent carpet installation tools to save money.

Installing carpet requires accurate measurements and careful planning. Make sure to check how many carpets you need by calculating it accurately.

Install Tack Strips – First, remove everything from the floor where you want to install the carpet, after that install tack strips there.

Install the Carpet Padding – Now, it is time to install the carpet padding. You can use masking tape to join neighboring pieces.

Cut the Accurate Carpet – Measure the Carpet accurately and add 6 inches to the measurement to be on the safe side.

Layout the Carpet – Now layout the carpet and keep about 3-inches lapping up the wall.

Anchor Along the First Wall – Place a knee kicker near the wall and use it to push and hook the carpet into position on the tack strip.

Stretch the Carpet – Now stretch the carpet by using a carpet stretcher with lever-action to stretch the carpet across the floor.

Install Transition Molding – Finally, seal the border of the carpet with latex seam sealer to prevent untangling.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does carpet installation cost?

Before installing the carpet, you must measure the room. Both home depot and Lowes can do that for you, and they send a professional associate to measure the actual room length. The Home Depot associate charge $40 to $50 fee for measuring the room. However, in Lowes, it is free of cost. After that, they will tell you how much it costs to install or replace your carpet.

The carpet comes in the various price range and quality; it depends on your budget how much you can spend on the carpet installation.

What carpet do you recommend for pets or children?

The High Stain Resistance carpets are recommended for pets or children. Home depot offers carpets with modern fiber technology, which is stylish and stain-resistant as well. They also offer many Life proof and pet-proof carpets, which are ideal for homes with pets and children.

What is the difference between solution-dyed and surface-dyed carpet?

Choosing between solution-dyed and surface-dyed carpet is a difficult task for anyone. Because both of them have different features and qualities. Before proceeding further, we need to understand what solution-dyed and surface-dyed carpets are.

The Solution-dyed Carpet consists of the color throughout the fibers, which means the color will not fade up with time. It is easy to clean, stains resistant, and ideal for long time use.

The Surface-dyed Carpet has the color on the outside surface of the carpet fibers. This means the colors are high quality, uniform, and gives you a more pleasant look. The surface-dyed carpet gives you more color options compared to Solution-dyed Carpet. However, Surface-dyed carpet color starts losing its colors in the long run.

Why do I need to use a carpet pad with my carpet?

A carpet pad is mostly used to protects your carpet from the subfloor. It gives some padding to the carpet from the subfloor below and keeps it safe from moisture. The Carpet pads are available in different comfort and durability. It depends on you what’s your requirement. We highly suggest you use carpet pads with your carpet to make it worth it.

What is the proper care and maintenance of my carpet?

The maintenance and proper care increase the Life of the carpet. The Experts recommended cleaning the carpet with a vacuum twice a week and clean the spills with warm water or cloth. Make sure to avoid rubbing the spill; it may destroy the carpet.

Which Carpet fiber is right for my room?

Carpet fiber available in various materials like Triextra, nylon, polyester, olefin, and wool. Every type of Fiber has its benefits and cons. It depends on how many people and children live in your house. If you have fewer people in your then Triextra Fiber is the right option for you because it is easy to clean, or if you have children or you own a pet, then polyester fiber is the right choice for you because it has superior stain resistance compared to other fibers. Olefin costs less and durable, but it does not have stain-resistance property. Wool is also a durable fiber.

Both Home Depot and Lowes offer free in-store design service, make sure to visit your nearest Home Depot and Lowes office to choose the right carpet fiber for your house.


So it was the post about Home Depot and Lowes carpet installation reviews. We covered almost everything related to carpet installation service. We also explained which carpet fibers can fill all your qualifications and what is the aspect that needs to determine the expected cost of carpet installation. If you have any queries or suggestions, please leave a comment below. We will be happy to help you.

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