Onyx Bath Showers Review – 2021

Onyx Bath Showers

After the bedroom, what is your second-best fancy place in your house? Of course, it is the bathroom; after all, you take significant life-changing decisions out there!

A properly planned and well-designed bathroom can not only change the whole aura of your house but also what impression you give away to your visitors. So, if you are still wondering which brand to choose from to style your shower space, the answer is Onyx!

Onyx has been one of the leading brands in providing top-quality bathroom necessities such as showers, lavatories, trim, accessories, tub surrounds, shower doors, and the list goes endless.

Along with the quality assurance that one receives, the Onyx bath features a wide range of options for all the products they provide to have your own dream bath space.

Just in case you still do not find your perfect fit from the standard options, they provide Onyx always has an option for you to get things customized!

What is in Store for Your Perfect Onyx Bath?

Onyx Surrounds

Let us have an in-depth analysis of what is in the store of Onyx for your dream bathroom:

Shower Bases: The Onyx Bath collection has a vast range of standard shower bases. The designs vary from the type of curb you desire, such as neo angle curb or double curb, or according to your height desires, such as the full height curb, mid-height curb, etc.

Shower Wall Panels: wall panels are probably one of the essential features in your shower space. Onyx provides you with five primary styles of wall panels:

Gloss Finish: This has been one of the most classic styles for the wall panels. The smooth gloss finish not only takes your space looks to the next level but also has the advantage of hassle-free cleaning. This design is available in all colors.

Stone Tile: The natural 12″ * 12″ stone tiles give away an illusion of stone tile to each wall panel. If you want to try out something that looks raw and natural, stone tiles will look perfect in your space! These are also available in all colors.

Onyx Shower System

Wavy tile 8″ * 24″: want to experiment with something that looks modern and stylish, then this style is perfect for your Onyx bath space. The design is available in both horizontal and vertical styles.

Matte Finish: If gloss is not your taste, then Onyx can find matte for you! The matte surface is achieved by sanding the surface first and then applying a permanent sealing coat. The wall panels have no or minimum shine left, giving a perfect matte look to your shower space.

Subway Tile Design: The subway tile design is a flat tile design with grout lines over it. The price of this design is the same as the gloss or stone tile designs.

Shower doors: A perfect style of shower door can upgrade the whole ambiance of your bath space. Here are some standard shower door designs that Onyx has for you:

  • Fully frameless
  • By-Pass Slider
  • Sliding Barndoor
  • Single Hinged door
  • Hinged door with Panel
  • Neo Angle

The glass for the shower doors can be made from the various style options they provide, like clear, satin, pattern, smoke bronze, Obscure Aquatex, smoke, rain, and clear glass. The door handles are available in standard style, but the finish can be tried in styles like silver, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.

Shower Caddies: Your shower space cannot just have a base and doors, right? Then you will have the hassle to run out of space for essential shampoo or even a towel. To provide a complete shower experience, shower caddies are necessary. They help to stack your necessities so that you can enjoy your own space. To elevate your bath experience, Onyx bath has three styles of shower series caddies for you to choose from:

  • Liberty series Caddies
  • Diamond series Caddies
  • Pearl Series Caddies

Shower Seats: Just if you want full utilization of your shower space and do not want to clutter the space with shower caddies, Onyx has the shower seats for you! These are also available in three series variants, namely Liberal series seats, Pearl series seats, and diamond series seats.

Shower Space Trim: wondering why to worry about trims so much? As minimal as they sound, trims are something that can be the final touch to your space. If you do not want to capture the shower space with doors or want to edge out space in general, trims highlight the whole look.

The trim categories are:

Corner Trim: If your shower space has a worn-out wall or plump, corner trim is to ease that out. Inside trim, outside trim, and edge trim are the various types of corner trim available in the ambiance of Onyx Bath. You can check out as per your space needs.

Crown Molding: If you need a kind of trim to ease up the installation of your wall panel, then crown molding would do the job. It allows the Panel to be 3″ shorter than the ceiling for ease and enhances the whole appearance. These are available in two sizes, styles, and four types of corner blocks.

Baseboard and Casing Trim: This is the trim category for your windows, doors, and floors. In particular, the base shoe is used to cover the floor and wall transition. These are available in all the color range that Onyx must provide and in both gloss and matte finishes.

Mosaic Tile Trim: If your wall panels have a layer of mosaic tiles, then these mosaic tile trims are the perfect fit to trim them out. These are available in various options from the range of Onyx bath.

Onyx Shower Base

The other available trim categories are Flat trim, Tile trim, coved trim, and Chair rail trim. Each of these can be utilized to enhance your shower space’s whole look and give an overall upgrade to space.

Grab bars and Towel bars: Towel bars and grab bars are an essential part of your shower space unless you would like to drip water from bathroom to bedroom! Grab-bar ends are available in all colors provided by Onyx and have both matte and gloss finish options. The towel bars are available in three series, namely pearl, diamond, and liberal. The rod in between comes in exact acrylic form.

Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles are a bonus to your shower space. The standard tiles are available in various colors in mainly two styles, namely linear and combo style. The color variants are:

  • White and Grey
  • Charcoal and black
  • Light neutral
  • Medium neutral
  • Dark neutral

These were some of the necessities covered by Onyx Bath for your dream styled bathroom. But how can anyone not like Onyx showers when they have so much more than these in store for you! Here are some additional items to complete the look of your dream shower space:

Shower hook/ Robe hook: This comes with color match silicone and adhesive for installation.

Shower Curtain Rod: This generally comes in a curved shape, which can also be used in straight curb showers to give in more ‘elbow room.’ The finish available for the rods is chrome, brushed nickel, and oil-rubbed bronze.

Toilet paper holder: These come in two series variants, namely diamond series, and liberty series.

Shower Drains: The shower drain body and drain strainer are available in two variants, namely PVC and Brass shower. These are available in six finish options- Oil rubbed bronze, Matte black finish, White finish, Brass finish, Chrome finish, and Brushed Nickel finish.

The standard design of the drains would be round. However, on custom-made demand, a square design can be provided with all the variants stated. Trench Drains are also available on custom-made demand in brushed stainless, and oil rubbed bronze finish. 

Splash guards: Splash guards are generally used to keep water escaping from the ground. These are available and sent in two pairs.

Roll-Over Vinyl Threshold for Showers: These are available in four colors- Taupe, Grey, White, and Beige.

The Custom-Made Design Specially for Your Style

Onyx Tile

The Onyx bath range provides a wide variety of all the items for your sh0wer space in their standard range.

Despite that, if there is something, a dream design that you want to be accurate, there is always an option to customize it just for you! If you can draw and illustrate the design, Onyx will make that, especially for you!

Onyx also provides an instruction manual that comes with proper illustration and written instruction so that you don’t have to wait for others to do the work for you if you have the hand to get your dream shower space!

With all these facilities onboard, you cannot stop yourself from loving Onyx showers for the perfect bath experience!

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