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Pittsburgh Paints Review – Are They Terrible? Let’s Find Out

Pittsburgh Paints Review

PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries Incorporated is a global supplier of paints and coatings. The American company has its headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is spread over 150 other manufacturing operations around the world.

Founded in 1883, Pittsburgh Plate Glass has grown to rank 209 on the Fortune 500, with net sales of over 15 billion dollars in 2019. The company sets its sights on being leaders in innovation, sustainability, and color.

With a quality policy aiming for constant improvements and total customer satisfaction, PPG sets up an image of reliability and satisfaction. Still, this image is put to question by the various complaints and reviews of their customers.

For a business to be successful and bustling with work and revenue, a company needs to satisfy its main driving force – the customers. A happy customer means a happy business, but Pittsburgh Plate Glass has long neglected the various complaints spewed by their consumers.

Apart from the negative Pittsburgh Paints reviews, the customers heartily shared their preferred improvements and suggestions for the company. Still, it seems like the authorities have given none of that any attention.

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Features!

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Features

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries Inc. is a group of manufacturers of not just paints but also other products related to hardware and finishing. They have a team of professionals working with them, including architects and specifiers, contractors, designers, industrial painters, new home builders, professional painters, etc.

Since their beginning in 1883, Pittsburgh paints have aimed towards making the painting and finishing job an easy and affordable service. The company offers a variety of products and services delivered at your doorstep. For this reason alone, Pittsburgh Plate glass has garnered much attention from prospective customers. Their products are available at wholesale as well as retail.

Professional Painter Segments

For over 100 years, PPG has provided painting solutions such as coatings, finishing, and other painting tools and guides to designers, manufacturers, owners, and managers. Their services for painters other than jobs and careers include:

Painting Tips

On their website, you can find various painting tips for professionals as well as amateurs. They feature a How-to guide on almost every aspect of a successful paint job and can guide you throughout the journey, moving from As to Zs.

You can find guides on how to fix cracking or flaking paint, burnishing, winkles, poor sheen uniformity, picture-framing, paint blistering, nailhead rusting, exterior paint color, surfactant leaching on paint, roller marks, and excessive stipple in the paint.

Professional Grade Protection

These services ensure a professional appeal for your exteriors and interiors painted with PPG paints. Practical solutions for maintenance challenges are actively tackled in this segment.

PPG Services provides product line review about their whole product line with specifications; streamlined service solutions for national retail, hospitality, and office facility managers; professional quality products from primer first coat to the final topcoat; and ecological solutions to minimize the carbon footprint on your property.

Training Videos for Pro Painters

Professional Grade Protection

The website offers tutorial videos and solutions for combating painting challenges encountered by professionals while working on large-scale projects. The featured How-to guides for professional painters include wall repairs for large holes; sprayer maintenance tips and tricks; sink and tub repair; renovation services by PPG, helping customers with color options; how to clean, prep, and coat wooden decks and fences; how to repaint a wall; how to touch up a wall; clean, prep and coat basement and garage floors; wall repair for small holes featuring Homax Aerosol Spray Textures; and BREAK-THROUGH doors.

Pro-color Tools

PPG provides color accent programs and uses color visualizer digital apps for helping customers as well as professionals in deciphering the perfect color palette for homes and décor. The option of using the color mixer tool PPG Paints Nix Mini is also available for matching the colors to PPG paint shades.

Pittsburgh Paints Professional Quality Products

PPG Industries Inc. prides itself on the professional quality of its paints and finishing products. They provide primers, topcoats, and paints for walls, doors, and ceilings. Their products are available in the US and Canada through a variety of retailers, local as well as national.

Product type

Since PPG paints offer a wide range of products, it is necessary to know your specific requirements in mind when browsing through their catalog. Different products are to be used on different materials with different primers and application procedures.

The product line offered by PPG paints includes interior paints, exterior paints, exterior stain, industrial paints, adhesives and sealants, universal and specialty paints.

Product Features

Professional quality paints are always manufactured, keeping in mind their long-term usage and durability. Apart from low weather damage probabilities, the paints offered by PPG paints are high-quality products that are easy to apply and pleasant to be around.

PPG paints offer low VOC paints with the mildew-resistant finish and low odor. Options for zero VOC, primer + paints, and transparent or toner color paints are also available.


PPG paints are sold by many retailers all over the US and Canada. The major retailers of PPG paints are PPG and Home Depot, offering products at low prices and hosting multiple sales. Several independent retailers also sell PPG paints in Canada and the US.


PPG paints offer products carrying several certifications recognized by government authorities and private manufacturers as well. They pride themselves on the standards and quality of their products and have variable options for certifications to choose from.

OTC can recognize the certified PPG paints, LADCO, US National AIM, Canada National AIM, MPI, SCAQMD, CARB 2000 SCM, USGBC LEED v4, CAGBC LEED v4, and Greengard.

Paint Colors and Tools

PPG paints offer almost every color of paint in a variety of shades, finishes, and stains. They offer all shades of primary colors like black, gray, blue, purple, red, yellow, purple, beige, green, orange, and white.

Also, they provide unique and hard-to-find colors, including metallic color paints and wood stains. The tools and services include paint swatches, color games, designer color tools, and color visualizers.

Pittsburgh Paints Customer Reviews and Opinions

Pittsburgh Paints Customer Reviews and Opinions

PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Industries Incorporated is over a century old, serving homeowners, contractors, builders, and painters throughout America and Canada. Since its beginning in 1883, the company has grown many folds with a growing customer base and several brands registered under their organization.

They offer various products assisting in painting, priming, cleaning, and coating for any material that needs work done. Despite the wide range and variety of paints and other product lines, Pittsburgh Paints has been facing severe backlash from its customers.

The company claims to manufacture paints and other products for professionals to use, and it seems right because amateurs and beginners cannot seem to decipher how to make Pittsburgh paints look good at all. Customers are often left wondering if the technique or tools that they use are faulty or if the paints are just not up to the mark.

Many Pittsburgh paint reviews often contain anecdotes from customers on how they think other paint companies are much better than Pittsburgh paints because the same techniques and tools work for other paints. Still, PPG paints do not portray an elegant finish.

Although customers seem to love their colors, they are unique and rare to match, Pittsburgh paints leave little room for any other appreciation because their application is difficult. They leave roller marks and paintbrush strokes even after multiple coats of paints are applied. Some customers compared Pittsburgh Paints to the cheapest Home Depot paints and still rated the PPG items worse.

Some Pittsburgh Paints need a specific PPG primer for obtaining a smooth texture and proper application. For many customers, this is a problem because they cannot use their regular primers and must spend more money to get already expensive paints to work.

Even with the low odor feature of Pittsburgh Paints, some customers complain of these paints having a more pungent smell than the other brands. This smell is, apparently, stringent to get rid of for months, even after using incense.

Many Pittsburgh Paints reviews have professionals comparing the paints to other brands and saying things like “Worst paints I’ve ever loaded onto a brush ever!” which seems a little harsh but is not an isolated incident or comment. This might hurt PPG’s tagline the most as they claim to make paints specifically for professionals and even offer solutions for fixes.

Better Options Instead of Pittsburgh Paints

According to the customers, several other brands are much better than Pittsburgh paints, especially for amateurs and beginners who cannot get the Pittsburgh paints to look good in their homes.

1. Benjamin Moore Paints

Customers rate BM paints as the best interior paints to use, mostly the BM Regal Matte Finish paints that provide a wide range of colors and do not have any of the problems that Pittsburgh paints have. These can be bought from their website.

2. Kilz Interior and Exterior Paints

Kilz paints offer coverage and protection for the wooden fences and barn doors. They feature unique oil or water-based formulas for exceptional adhesion and longevity. They are durable and offer perfect paint finishes.

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