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Pricing for Reliabilt Doors, Too Good to Be True?

Pricing for Reliabilt Doors, Too Good to Be True?

Meet our friend, Josh. Nobody likes to live in a dull, monotonous house, not even Josh. Josh decides to give his home a complete renovation. He lists out all the things he wants to change and what all stuff he will have to buy and from where. Because Josh is low on budget, he does not hire a designer and does all the planning on his own.

Josh drives to the nearest hardware shop, The Lowe’s, which has all the materials required for the renovation under one roof. After buying all the stuff, Josh moves to the door section. Many good deals are available at the store, but the one that catches his eye is the Reliabilt doors.

When he takes a closer look, he finds that the price difference between these doors and other doors varies widely. As usual, this creates a doubt in the mind of Josh, is this the best deal he can get? Or is it just too good to be true?

For people, designers, engineers, etc. who are willing to build the house of their dreams or just renovating their old one as per their needs, choosing the right door can become a challenging task. Many aspects need to be covered for buying a thing as small as a door these days. You might consider it small, but doors are an essential part of our house.

A right door protects the home from invaders and provides safety. A door should also be made such that it can be used easily by all categories of people like children, adults, older people, etc. The door also provides insulation to the house and thus should be thick enough to trap the heat inside the house during winters.

The privacy of an area also depends on the door that is set up in it. For example, a living room would ideally have glass doors, but a bedroom would never have glass doors. Instead, they entirely cover wooden doors for the opening to the lawn; they would have some curtains and thus, buying a perfect door becomes a very confusing job! One can never consider all the aspects at a time.

The material of the door, whether it would withstand the climate conditions or not, how good will a door look in a space, how safe will a door be are some common questions that come in the mind of every buyer. One major issue is the PRICE.

The Reliabilt doors have created a stir in the market ever since its launching with the unbelievable price range, which caught the eye of every buyer. The company claims them to be of acceptable quality and a real value for their money

What Is Reliabilt?

Reliabilt Doors

For those who are new in this field and wondering what Reliabilt is, well, it is a sub-brand of Lowe’s, which is one of the leading home improvement and appliance stores in the United States. The company manufactures these doors in a bulk quantity at its industry houses and retails them via their stores all over the country.

Many options are available for the customers who wish to buy a door for their varying needs-

Reliabilt Garage Doors

Amarr manufactures the Reliabilt Doors for the garage. The garage doors are available in different materials ranging from wood to steel, with enough strength to prevent thieves from breaking into the house. The company claims to be of low maintenance and highly energy efficient.

Reliabilt Exterior Doors

One of the leading pioneers and modern designers in making a new category of the door, the Therma-Tru doors. These are fiberglass doors which not only save lots of energy but also optimize the space.

Reliabilt Interior Doors

JELD-WEN doors supply this category of Reliabilt doors. Many options are available in this to choose from, like- glass-paneled, bi-fold, louver type, etc.

Reliabilt French Doors

The French doors are quite common these days in households and are in huge demand. The Reliabilt French doors come in different variants like sliding, single door, double door, bi-fold, and multi-fold. Customers can easily choose one as per their taste.

Reliabilt Patio Doors

Masonite Doors manufacture the patio door segment of the Reliabilt. A vast range of patio doors are available and guaranteed to withstand extreme conditions. The categories are- swinging, sliding, folding, etc.

About Lowe’s

Lowe’s Companies Inc. is an American Retail company that specializes in manufacturing products that are used to remodel a house. The company has a chain of stores in the United States as well as Canada, and the headquarters are present in Mooresville, North Carolina.

The store chain was started in North Carolina by the name of “North Wilkesboro Hardware” in 1921. The company did not look back after that and kept on expanding. In 1954, the company’s name was changed to Lowe’s.

Lowe’s is a single-stop destination for all things a person might need for renovating a house. Everything from hardware to cushions is available under a single roof. Some major categories of products available are-

Accessible Home, Cleaning Supplies, Hardware, Outdoor recreation, Animal & Care, Outdoors, Heating & Cooling, Paint, Dining & Entertaining, Appliances, etc.

Lowe’s has become a household name among the people. The trust and support from its customers have made it the second-largest hardware chain in the United States and in the whole world, only behind THE Home Depot.

How Do They Manage to Keep Reliabilt Doors Cost So Low?

Reliabilt is a sub-brand of the international brand Lowe’s, and the distribution of the Reliabilt doors is done via the chain stores across the country. Lowe’s, being one of the leading brands in the market of this category, can minimize the cost of Reliabilt doors by purchasing the goods required for manufacturing in bulk quantity, which lowers down the price of the product.

Apart from this, Lowe’s has a piece of in-depth knowledge about the market, and thus, marketing strategies are planned to achieve the most affordable cost without affecting the profits of the company.

What Do Customers Have to Say About It

Pricing for Reliabilt Doors

The customers have a mixed response about the Reliabilt Doors.

One of the customers bought the door after seeing the vast price gap between its competitors and was not entirely satisfied with the built quality. The customer reported that the hinge side leg was shorter than the strike side. This caused quite some trouble while installing the door. If this was not enough, the customer received zero support from the Reliabilt staff and instead blamed the customer.

Yet another customer reported low quality of the door. The customer complained that the low cost attracts engineers with less or no knowledge about the field and does not consider the low quality of the doors.

One customer made a good observation that even though the price of the Reliabilt doors is low when one starts adding the sidelines, custom sizing, and paint, the cost becomes almost the same and that too with low-quality material.

Going through the customer reviews, it was scarce to find one who would appreciate the quality of the Reliabilt Doors.

Customers are the ones who make a product a success or a failure, and in the case of Reliabilt, it has become evident that the customers are not satisfied with the products at all. Thus, the doubt that the price range is too good to be true becomes real, and contrary to the company’s claims, the product makes compromises on the quality to achieve a low price.

Is Reliabilt Reliable?

The one-word answer to this would be a no. One must always compare an apple with an apple and not a peach. This means that the doors you might be comparing might have different features, like the door is primed or factory painted, the type of steel gauge used, what is the R-value of the product, etc. The low-quality material and bad after-sales make it the wrong choice to be considered.

But the customers need not worry as there are plenty of brands available in the market. We urge you to be a smart customer and not get manipulated by the salesmen. Always check the various aspects of a door or any other product before buying it. If not possible, consider hiring a professional.

Final Verdict

Expensive is often a matter of perspective. One might think of something as low cost and cheap but might pay the price in the form of the quality of the product, the life of the product, the regular maintenance that the product might need from time to time, or maybe the repairs. Thus, a buyer should consider all these aspects before buying a product and not just the price tag on it.

As we can see from the numerous customer reviews, the Reliabilt Doors are not able to provide satisfactory services and quality to the customers, the price of which might be paid in the form of maintenance and other repair charges and hence equalizing the overall cost with its rivalry brands.

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