Retrofit Window Installation: Lowe’s vs. Local Window Installer?

Retrofit Window Installation

We are sure by now you have hit your head hard across all the Lowe’s window installation reviews. Bad apples can be in any company, local or not.

We are here to give you our honest, unbiased review to decide for yourself, which could be a better fit for retrofit window installation. Now, we all know that both have their own sets of pros and cons.

While local window installer gives you the advantage of knowing the service providers more intimately, a professional window installation service providers like Lowe’s will send installation crews in your home who are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about the products they are installing.

Also, hiring local window installers can be a bit of a pocket-friendly affair. But the quality of service that you can get from a professional window installer is unmatched.

We know you are still confused even after going through hundreds of Lowe’s window installation reviews! Then how should you decide between Lowe’s installer and a local window installer?

Always remember a stunning window replacement makes a huge difference at home, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

It would help if you only went for an installation company to give you the best fit and service.

Things you Need to Keep in Mind Before Going for a Retrofit Window Installation:

  • Replacing windows need extreme precision and perfect fittings.
  • Always go for materials that have high energy efficiency to lower your energy bills.
  • Make sure the company you are choosing for retrofit window installation is trustworthy. When you know that the service you are being provided is of premium quality, you will never be worried about any issue of closing or opening the windows. Never compromise on safety!
  • Do your research about the different styles, materials, and options available to you for window replacement. New windows can add to a lot of the “look factor” in your room!

Now let us compare Lowe’s window installer and a local window installer:

windows installation workers


When you are replacing your windows, apart from everything else, you would want the entire fit to look gorgeous, won’t you? A home improvement giant like Lowe’s will spoil you with choices. Skylights or awning windows, you have a huge list to choose from!

Of course, you will not have such a multitude of options from a local company. But, since a local installer has a much smaller customer base, you can expect a more personalized treatment.

Customer Service

Once the retrofit window installation service is done, you do not want your service provider to ignore you like trash! Most of the Lowe’s window installation reviews speak about how regular and right Lowe’s response timing is.

They are available both on email and call seven days a week. If you detect any defect in the window days after retrofit installation, you want to get in touch with the company, don’t you? It is unknown how local companies treat their customers once you get the service done.


More prominent companies like Lowe’s have an advantage over local window installers in the duration of the warranty they provide. Imagine you will spend so many bucks on a perfectly fitted retrofit window installation, and only after a few months, an issue occurs with the windows!

Won’t that annoy you? Lowe’s window installation reviews state that they provide you with a warranty of one year on the installation of windows. While in the case of local window installers, usually such a long period of warranty is not provided. Even sometimes, there is no warranty period at all.


In terms of pricing, local window installers always have the upper hand. If you go for a local window installer, the complete retrofit window installation service will be done within a few bucks. And for obvious quality reasons, a professional company like Lowe’s will charge you a higher price.

But most of Lowe’s window installation reviews point to the fact that the higher price is worth it. Once you get your windows replaced, you want it to be durable, don’t you? 

Also, if you compare Lowe’s with other professional home furnishing brands, the rates are incredibly affordable.

The brand can offer you plenty of low-cost aluminum and vinyl window options. They make sure that they can reach close to every homeowner’s budget, which is not the case with other top-tier companies. Lowe’s is almost every homeowner’s dream come true!


Most of the testimonials provided by the customers of Lowe’s are positive. The customers themselves have stated in Lowe’s window installation reviews that they were happy and highly satisfied with Lowe’s service. Since Lowe hires only professionals, the job quality is excellent and much more efficient than any local service provider.

Energy efficiency

We have discussed this earlier, that energy-efficient windows save huge on your power bills. Replacement windows offered by Lowe’s usually meet the ENERGY STAR certifications, and even higher qualities can also exceed it. And local window installers at such a low price cannot offer such benefits. 

By now, you might have been convinced to a certain extent about the window installer that is a better choice for your Retrofit window installation. If not, read on. Here are a few unique features that only a professional window installer like Lowe’s can provide you:

Product Expertise

Lowe’s, being a professional giant, have immense expertise in this window replacement field. Their group of highly expert consultants can answer any of your queries regarding window replacement.

Not sure if your window needs replacement? Consult their team of professionals, and you will get all your answers.

Professional Independent Installers

Their crew members are extremely trained and knowledgeable independent contractors. Lowe’s window installation reviews clearly show they have a license and insurance, and their background is thoroughly checked. Not something you could expect from a local window installer! 

Special Financing Options

, Unlike a local window installer that at most times offers you the option of cash payment only, Lowe’s can provide you various financing options as well as payment plans. Low on budget? They offer credit facilities subject to terms and conditions.

Free Consultation

Custom Window Installation

Now, this is like brownie points to Lowe’s window installer! You can schedule a free consultation with Lowe’s.

They will send an eligible sales expert to your home so that you can take advice from them about your window replacement options and needs. 

What is better? Lowe’s window installation reviews state that the consultation is scheduled according to your free time. You are purchasing such a premium quality product from the comfort of home! Isn’t this too good?

Are they worried about bringing them home during the pandemic? There is nothing to worry about! Their installers take strict safety and hygiene measures.

Consultation Over Phone

You can also opt for a consultation over the phone with their project specialist if you want. You can discuss everything with them, starting from material options to samples.

They will ask for all the related information in detail, your window measurements, your unique requirements, etc. so that they can help you find the perfect pieces for your home.

Installation Process

Their team of project managers will also coordinate the installation for a perfect fit to take the headache. Lowe’s window installation reviews have clearly stated that they have a top-notch, talented team that will manage all the detailing from start to finish.

Now you do not expect such premium service from a local window installer, do you?

Now that you already know which one is the perfect window installer for your home let us see some of the most popular styles of windows that Lowe’s window installer provides:

Double Hung Windows

Want to give your room a reminiscence of the classic look? This one is your perfect choice. These windows have sashes that are tilted in the inward direction so that you can clean its exteriors from your room without any fuss. Also, these sashes allow the movement of air to keep your room comfortable.

Accent Windows

Want to give your guests a visual treat when they enter your room? These windows offer a variety of shapes such as octagon or cress cross. The style factor of your room rises from 0 to 100!

Glass Block Windows

These windows are a perfect fit for your bathrooms. The glass is thick and break-resistant and blocks any view completely. But they are constructed in such a fashion that light can still enter. Perfect?


If you want to go for Retrofit window installation in your study room or hall room, these windows are your go-to. They are fixed to the ceiling and allow natural sunlight to diffuse in illuminating tiny spaces.

We hope we have been able to guide you completely throughout this review. If you have chosen by now, get into action. Happy window replacement!

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