Should I Go for Corian Shower Walls or Tiles?

Should I Go for Corian Shower Walls or Tiles?

After painting my house walls, I decided to renovate my bathroom with the latest bathroom interior must-haves. Being pro-DIY, I was going for a Do It Yourself approach with my bathroom as well.

I looked at different bathroom tiles, but my heart kept going back to readymade shower walls, the new thing in the market, the bathroom must-have for every household.

Shower Walls

Shower walls (also called wet walls or hydro panels) are large panels that fully waterproof the area where you shower, have a bath, wash hands, or any area around your bathroom you would tile. The wet walls come in various sizes, a perfect fit according to your bathroom and your needs.

It is easy to install and very much Pro-DIY. These shower walls are famous as they are straightforward to maintain and do not wear out, and start looking dingy after some years. They keep your bathroom young, looking more like a bathroom suite.

And the best part? You get to choose how your bathroom looks like. Do you need a traditional vibe? A modern design? Some brands offer organic looks like stone, slate, marble, and stylish designs like glitter in the wall finish catalog. Whatever you want, your bathroom walls have got you covered.

Although the shower wall sizes are customizable and made per your bathroom’s requirement, the standard sizes are 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, and 1200mm.

  • The plus points of having a shower wall in your bathroom rather than fitting tiles are that shower walls are 100% waterproof, making them perfect for areas where water tends to clog.
  • It is also cost-effective and effortless to install (takes about 2-3 hours to install and you do not need a work staff, you can do it yourself!), unlike tiles which take ages (3-4 days if you have excellent work staff) to fit and on top of that, do not come cheap.
  • Shower walls are straightforward to clean and maintain. Another bonus point for shower wall users is that it does not Grout. Your bathroom can officially be Grout-Free! Also, as there is no grouting in wet walls, you do not need to clean your bathroom every day after bathing. You can choose when to clean your bathroom!
  • The main problem with tiles is that along with Grout, you need to deal with mold and odor, and other hygienic issues. With shower walls, you need not worry about any such horror stories. They are well capable of looking after themselves. All you must do is enjoy your bathroom time.
  • Durable shower walls come with a promised warranty of at least a year (depending on which brand you choose), reaching up to a warranty of 10 years.

Corian® Shower Walls

“Elegant, versatile, reliable, and durable.”

Corian® is a UK based company dealing in bathroom and kitchen surfaces. Corian® Shower Walls claims to “enhance any bathroom environment.” They offer expert quality in their product and exclusivity in their designs, satisfying lots of demands on the way vis a vis style and function.

They are easy to install, minus the silicon joint, and non-porous, thus not collecting dust and moisture, creating a sleek finish of a single flowing body, along with a hygienic atmosphere in your bathroom.

7 Reasons Why You Should Go for Corian Shower Walls

Easy to Install.

Corian Shower Walls can be installed by any DIY-er or a professional of any trade. They can be installed over existing bathroom tiles, floors, walls. The process of “Sanding” is not required during installation as well. It promotes minimizing dust during installation.

Gives Your Bathroom More Than a Design. It Makes your Bathroom a Style Statement

Make your bathroom an aesthetic as possible with Corian Solid Surface. Choose your palette, and Corian will bring cutting-edge designs to life.

Cost Friendly

Thanks to Corian Shower Walls being a low maintenance product, you save on many cleaning costs over the years.

Low Maintenance

Corian Shower Walls are easy to clean and maintain minus the use of harsh cleaning chemicals because Corian Joint Adhesive gives you watertight joints that are mold and mildew resistant, saving you the trouble of scrubbing every inch of your bathroom with a brush every alternate day.

100% Waterproof

Its impenetrable surface makes it impossible for water and dirt to seep inside.

Available in Colors, Sizes

The shower walls are available in over 100+ colors and are also customizable in size as per your requirements.

10 Year Warranty

Tiles- Pros and Cons

A tiled bathroom’s main advantage is that it has a way more creative look to it, thanks to thousands of ceramic and porcelain tiles available in the market in different colors, sizes, and patterns.


Creative Options

There is an infinite range of possible options available when it comes to redecorating your bathroom with tiles.

Eco – Friendly

Ceramic tiles are made of natural clay, not plastic, making them nature-friendly and healthier for the environment. An even greener alternative to ceramic tiles is tiles made with 40-60% recycled content. It costs the same as the ceramic tiles and looks equally attractive.


Tiles can fit in any available space. You do not have to worry about them not fittings through your doorway during installation.

Increased Price of Real Estate

Ceramic tiles are a premium building material that increases your home’s resale value, bringing you to a selling advantage compared to prefabricated shower walls, especially when the tiles are paired with ceramic bathroom floors and stone tops and a custom tile shower.


High Cost

The process of tiling the bathroom is always far more expensive than readymade shower walls.

Labor Intensive

This is a far more complicated process and cannot be done alone by a DIY-er, making it a lengthy, labor-intensive project.

Foreseen Leaks and Cracks

Tiled Shower Walls are prone to leaking from time to time, mostly if they have not been installed correctly or maintained correctly.

Wall tiles also get grout lines if they are not cleaned regularly or sealed correctly.

Requires High Maintenance

Ceramic tiles are easy to clean, but tiled bathrooms almost always get grout lines that need to be maintained and treated regularly. They are always prone to mildew, cracks, and have a massive possibility of leaking.

Increases Overall Weight of Your House

A ceramic tiled shower is so heavy that it puts a strain of hundreds of pounds on the floor structure of your house. Unless the floor is sturdy enough, it may flex and break by the grout joints or cracks or tiles themselves.

Cons of Shower Walls

Size Limitations:

Even though brands can create custom-sized bathroom walls for you, it is sometimes not possible to produce the same walls to fit your bathroom structure exactly, which ends up making your bathroom look shabby. Also, custom ordering the size might end up stretching your budget by a lot, making you invest a little more than you initially planned.

Repairs are Difficult:

While cracked tiles are easy to replace, once a crack appears in a prefabricated shower wall, it is tough to repair that damage. On Spot repairs, sealing the cracks can be done, but they are very noticeable, and in the end, the only option you are left with is replacing the whole thing, which is quite a tedious task.

Lower Real Estate Value:

Readymade shower walls are made of low-end building materials and tend to lower your house’s real estate value compared to tiles.

Not Environmentally Friendly:

Shower walls are made of plastic and are therefore not easily recyclable, and they do not decompose quickly as well, which is not healthy for the environment.

Awkward Size:

One-piece units mostly do not work for remodeling because the units’ size prevents them from passing through the doors. One-piece units are intended mainly for new houses, in the making where they put in the readymade pieces in place before the doorways are finished.

Limited Styles:

Readymade shower walls offer comparatively fewer design and color options (although Corian has about 1000+ colors and a great design catalog) compared to tiled shower walls.

Which is Better? Tiles or Shower Walls?

In the end, it depends on your budget and your cleaning timetable if you want to decide which of the two options you should go for.

If you have a traditional bathroom, tiling your bathroom may be a more apt choice. However, they require regular maintenance and regular cleaning to maintain a hygienic environment in your bathroom. On the other hand, wet walls are way better than tiles if you want to do away with your bathroom’s regular cleaning.

Even if you must stick to a budget, I suggest going for a wet wall panel as cheaper and easier to install. It would change the entire look of your bathroom for a low price, and as a bonus, they are very durable and have a warranty as well.

Depending on your taste, the look you are going for, and the budget you are putting aside for your bathroom, the shower walls are something you should go for, as they satisfy all your needs and are friendly to the environment.

Written by Amanda


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